Writing a pre sentence report canada

HildebrandtC. Here the description ends and the analysis kicks in. It will be noted from the quote at page 3 above that the trial judge took into consideration the adverse impact which the incident has allegedly had on the complainant and her family, and it appears that this influenced him in his ultimate decision on sentence.

Copy of report 5 The clerk of the court shall provide a copy of the report, as soon as practicable after filing, to the offender or counsel for the offender, as directed by the court, and to the prosecutor.

It will also give a good indication as to the risk an offender poses — which is what, after-all, the Probation Service attempts to manage. So, we may explore areas such as financial gain, revenge, etc and whether the offence formed part of an established pattern.

For me, however, this section will help establish what a practitioner can achieve with an offender with regards to intervention.

No evidence was called in that regard, but that point was dealt with at some considerable length in the Pre-Sentence Report ordered by the judge. To do this, I compare what the witnesses have said in their reports to the police and compare it with how the offender explains it to me.

Medical and Psychological Reports The court might order a medical, psychological or psychiatric report to help decide on an appropriate sentence. Undertaking an offence analysis is a skill that develops over time and which gets better with practice.

He is not allowed, nor is the court allowed, to bring testimony on the record via a pre-sentence report. It may include the results of interviews with the victim. An offence analysis is a critical element of the report. In turn, did it represent an increase in seriousness from previous offending behaviour?

Content of report 3 Unless otherwise specified by the court, the report must, wherever possible, contain information on the following matters: So how is this achieved? It is not an expert report.

If at a sentencing hearing the Crown or an accused wish to introduce evidence having a bearing upon the sentence to be imposed, then that evidence should be submitted and be subject to cross-examination in the usual manner.

What is a Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)?

Here is the tried and tested formula I have used for years. The report may also contain any information related to the case, such as information about: However the above formula will provide the practitioner with a template to work from. The exclusion of allegations with respect to the offence includes self-serving utterances by the accused.

Emphasis added Pre-sentence reports should be confined to the provision of background information relating to the offender. In the report, Ms. A PSR is a report that is requested by Magistrates or Judges to help inform the sentencing of offenders.

Idem 4 The report must also contain information on any other matter required by the court, after hearing argument from the prosecutor and the offender, to be included in the report, subject to any contrary regulation made under subsection 2.

There is a further factor. Canada Law Book looseleaf updated to April at para. Chief Justice Monnin said at p. Whilst it is not the remit of this article to discuss how to write a complete PSR, the aim is to help increase the understanding of how to construct an informative offence analysis.

Firstly, following an interview with a client, I describe what happened and when.

Pre-Sentence Reports

Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently that they go beyond the limitations expressed in s. For example, I have seen some reports which only describe or regurgitate what the police statements explain.

Information That May be Included in a Pre-Sentence Report A pre-sentence report may include the results of an interview with you, and, if appropriate, your parents and extended family.The Presentence Report (PSR) has been rarely studied in Canada although it demands a significant proportion of the resources of community corrections.

It was estimated in this study that two-days of the probation officer's time were required to prepare a PSR. A Pre-sentence Report is a report that is generated by a probation officer on order of the court after interviewing the offender and collateral sources that is for the.

Pre-Sentence Reports Before you are sentenced, the court can ask for a pre-sentence report it can use when deciding what sentence to give you. A pre-sentence report is a written document that provides information about you and your case.

This article explains how probation officers in the United Kingdom should go about writing the offence analysis part to a Pre Sentence Report (PSR) How to write a Pre Sentence Report (PSR. How are Presentence Reports (PSR) used by the courts in sentencing?

Content of a Pre-Sentence Report – questioning accused about offence?

Background. Presentence reports in Canada. (User Report ). Ottawa: Public Safety Canada. For further information.

Your Presentence Report and How to Improve It

James Bonta, Ph.D. Corrections Research Public Safety Canada Laurier Avenue West. The PSR Pre Sentence Report includes background information about the accused, obtained through interviews with individuals close to the accused.

The purpose of a PSR Pre Sentence Report is to assist the court in coming to a sentencing decision by providing a more thorough look into .

Writing a pre sentence report canada
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