Writing a graduate level cv

Need tips on what to include on your resume or CV? Below are two examples of how to order your CV: Does your sector require technical skills? When writing up the individual elements of your CV eg your individual part-time jobs provide examples of the skills, behaviours and values that the employer wants.

Date of birth, marital status and nationality can usually be left off your CV. Only list the attributes that will be of interest to an employer; do not include irrelevancies. If you do choose to address the gap directly, be factual and focus on the positives.

Mention your degree and how many years of work experience you have if you have any 2nd: I interviewed someone recently who had two pages of retail work experience, but just 14 words about their degree and not even a mention of which university they attended.

When you read this second example you immediately take notice; you want to employ them because they make a difference, they add value. Applying for a Janitorial Position Energetic and passionate entry-level professional seeking a full-time janitorial position.

Above all, be honest. Download it for free now: Dedicated employee and possesses a strong work ethic with fastidious attention to detail. Thread the key skills, experience, values and behaviours the employer seeks through your CV and make sure that they appear prominently.

Plus focus and direction are still a rarity in graduates, in my view.

Graduate CV

Ensure you make it specific to the job and the employer and do not use a generic profile that can be utilised for every CV you send out. Try and list 3 to 6 achievements which you feel will be in line with your next position.

A professional CV writer though would always recommend that you try to think of some achievements to include in your CV, as this will make your CV stand out compared to most graduate-level CVs. Employers want you to apply for the job they have advertised not just any job.

Instead make this a factual and relevant mission statement. Print The samples written by the six writers featured in the pdf below help represent the differences between undergraduate and post-graduate resumes.

For example, you might have done a number of internships in a range of industries to decide on the perfect career and employer. Have you got any good CV tips? I take pleasure in working as part of a strong team.

Personal statements at the top of a CV — those three to four lines which use words to describe you such as energetic, enthusiastic and committed — add little or nothing, as everyone uses them.

Even by the active verbs used within the resumes co-authored, managed, oversaw, coordinated, taught, trained, investigated, etc. Related Ready to improve your GRE score by 7 points? Think about your course work, major assignments, team projects or major research project like your dissertation.

One fundamental distinction to be made is whether the resume or curriculum vitae CV is tailored towards a professional job or an academic position. This is the place to say a little bit about you as a person, outside of work, and to let your personality shine through.

Be aware that if you do not mention your A-level grades or the university you attended, for example, recruiters may conclude that you have something to hide.Graduate CV Template Writing your first CV can be a scary task, what with all the (sometimes contradictory) advice available on (and off) the internet.

To make things much easier and less confusing for you, here’s a little CV template with all the important bits and pieces you need to include in this all too important document. Two references are ample for your entry-level graduate CV.

One can be academic and the other from a period of work experience. You can choose to omit the contact details if, for example, one is a current employer or you would prefer to contact them first. Our CV writing advice goes beyond the basic "how to write" guide to help you convince a graduate employer that you are perfect for the job.

Graduate CV Service

Find out how to write a narrative on your CV so compelling that interviewers just have to meet you. The general rule of thumb is that if your GPA is above athen you should include it in your entry-level resume, she explains.

If the GPA in your major is higher than your overall GPA, use that instead. This is an example of a good standard CV (also called a competency-based CV) for a student studying computer science. You can place the mouse over underlined parts of the CV to get hints and tips.

As a college student or recent graduate, you are likely looking for entry-level work or an internship. Your Career Objective will need to emphasize your personal character traits as .

Writing a graduate level cv
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