University of phoenix week 2 quiz

Saccharine How did American showman William E. Its abbey For what line of business was model manufacturer Airfix originally known? Rothmans For what achievement is Valentina Tereshkova famous? Gin For what is Elizabeth Fry chiefly remembered?

We mainly gave away ribbons, like last year. Choked on a chicken bone How do bevel gears engage with one another? Lauren Bacall By what name is Formosa now known?

Coal From which alphabet did all the Western alphabets originate? Perth By what name is the marsupial Sarcophilus harrisi better known? Microsoft Billy Connolly was a member of which group? Euston From which plant is linen obtained? Copper and tin Beriberi results from a lack of which vitamin?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid How can cane chairs be rearranged to produce something sweet? Two How many packs of cards are needed to play bezique?

General knowledge quiz questions and answers

Four How many atoms of oxygen are there in one molecule of water? Patricia Alphabetically, which is the second sign of the zodiac? Drawing pin Can you name a hydrocarbon fuel? Flax From what colour rock is the Jordanian city of Petra carved? Poplar Black, Whooper, and Bewick are all types of which bird?

Eight minutes How long is there between rounds in boxing? Meet Nicole and Meet Derek! Victoria Tower From which wood were longbows made? Adam Faith How is the auracaria tree more commonly known? Greenland From which district in France do the majority of fine clarets come?

Clock Grant and Truman have been presidents of which country? Half a loaf According to the proverb, what is the better part of valour? Marie Lloyd How is Michael Barrett better known in the pop world? Coco the Clown By what name was Asa Yoelson better known? Knowledge According to proverb, how do still waters run?

Inert gases Hello, hello, hello, what was founded in Vienna in ? May Hedera helix is better known as what? Eight How many legs has a lobster? Two How many pecks are there in a bushel?

Bermuda By what other name is the angel shark known? What is her name? Hope you enjoy it. Makes this whole experienceWeek Two Quiz NSCI/ Version 51 University of Phoenix Material Week Two Quiz Chapter 4 Tissues 1. The four primary t. This article covers the topic for the University of Phoenix HIS Week 2 Quiz.

The author is working in the field of education from last 5 years. The author is working in the field of education from last 5 years.

Discover the best resource for University of Phoenix homework help: University Of Phoenix study guides, notes, practice tests, and more. We mainly gave away ribbons, like last'd have a challenge or a game or a short quiz. One of our ribbon quizzes was about what webcomics people read, and we learned something valuable - half the kids these days read comics on cellphones, usually via Tapas or Webtoons.

Week 2 Knowledge Check Study Guide Score: 12 / Concepts Mastery Questions. TECHNOLOGIES FOR. BUSINESS % 1. COMMUNICATION. PLANNING BUSINESS % 2 3.

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Psy Week 2 Quiz University of Phoenix Material Week Two Quiz Multiple Choice Please choose the correct answer to the following questions.

University of phoenix week 2 quiz
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