Strategic planning department implementation in lebanon

Furthermore, as a part of the Federal Clean Water Act, the department is providing technical assistance to the county and local municipalities required to implement the MS4 Program. The areas adjoining the channel which have been or may be covered by the regulatory flood is the floodway fringe.

All services must have a number four copper ground wire connected with the proper grounding connector to the ground rod. All new construction rough in requires one G.

The floodplain includes both the floodway and the floodway fringe districts. Useful Links Flood Ordinance Type: Easement Facts Sheet Who owns the utility easement?

As a result, with the Strategic planning department implementation in lebanon assistance of the Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation, Community and Economic Development, Conservation and Natural Resources, and Environmental Protection, the county spent three years preparing the Lebanon County Comprehensive Planwhich was adopted on December 13, While many areas have flood problems, floodplain lands can be valuable community assets.

Utility easements are usually created at the time a plat for a new development is designed. Keeping utility easements clear helps utility companies perform routine maintenance ex.

The Lebanon County Commissioners determined that a new emphasis on planning was needed to manage the effects of past growth and to strengthen guidance for community development and resource protection for the 21st Century.

The natural resources that are contained in these areas, as well as the natural functions of these resources, can contribute to the overall quality of life. Lebanon County continues its commitment to sound planning and implementation of the newly adopted comprehensive plan by providing funding assistance to municipalities, non-profits and county agencies to finance local planning initiatives and projects that support and further the goals and objectives of the plan.

Subdivision plats can be found at the planning department or at the Boone County Recorders office in the courthouse. Generally, the floodway should be kept clear of structures and other impediments to drainage flow. Mini-barns are subject to Building Setback Lines, and therefore cannot be built within the easement.

By placing an obstruction in the way of a utility company, it makes outage durations longer by making the utility company move obstructions out of the way. The center of the meter base shall be 5 ft. When the electric panel is upgraded the meter base must be the same or higher amp service than the panel.

The Center for Land and Water is a coalition of businesses and organizations committed to protecting land and water resources in the Lower Susquehanna region. This includes permitting, inspection and management of on-lot sewage disposal systems.

The neutral wire must be clearly identified on both ends. The department also serves as a repository for county, municipal and demographic information, including the latest U.

Anything higher must be guy-wired or supported. What if I build a mini-barn in an easement? Use pipe straps accordingly. Service must meet the specific requirements below. Pay any required deposits. If the fuse or the breaker disconnect box is not adjacent to the meter base, the customer shall install a disconnect switch, which must have the capacity of the main.

Utility easements almost always exist along streets and along rear lot lines and sometimes exist between two lots Why is it important to keep easements clear? Only 2 hole metal straps securely fastened to structural members will be allowed.

In addition to general community planning activities, the Lebanon County Planning Department LCPD provides technical assistance to local municipalities preparing and updating land use plans and ordinances and assists the County Commissioners, as needed, on a wide variety of other county planning projects.

The floodway is a channel of a river or stream and those portions of the land adjoining the channel which are reasonably required to carry and discharge the peak flow of the regulatory year flood.

When the Building Inspector approves the permanent service, Lebanon Utilities will connect the permanent service. Utility facility construction will not begin until line extension fees have been paid in full.

Floodway fringe areas may have drainage. Locknuts and bushings are required in the meter base. Setback lines are shown on your subdivision plat. What if I build a fence in an easement?The Planning Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits, setting up and regulating Building Inspections, Floodplain Administrator, Code En-forcement, Implementing and Regulating Planning and Zoning for the City.

LEBANON COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN IMPLEMENTATION FUNDING GUIDELINES LEBANON COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN IMPLEMENTATION FUNDING GUIDELINES Page 3 3 2. Category 3 Funds – County initiative funds will involve two types of funding: Lebanon County Planning Department.

In order to reserve funds from Category 1. Strategic planning enables an organisation to shape and guide its overall business objectives.

Planning Department

In this course, you gain the knowledge needed to formulate, execute and monitor the strategic planning for your organisation based on proven analytical techniques and models. The Planning Department is responsible for long-range and current planning for the City of Lebanon and its Urban Growth Boundary.

A major focus of the Department is the preplanning, organization, and implementation of communication initiatives, plans, awareness campaigns, and events that promote the corporate image of AUBMC on an internal and external scale.

strategic planning department This unit is responsible for the overall planning and programming, such as: Develop plans for exploration in areas designated for petroleum operations.

Strategic planning department implementation in lebanon
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