Reflective report on experiences working as a midwife

Writing a reflective essay in midwifery today

Midwifery research, reflective practice, reflection, journal writing, learning from experience Introduction Reflection is known to be of benefit in experiential learning, developing critical thinking and enabling integration of theory and practice.

Later evidence from interview data and scrutiny of journal entries showed that two thirds of these participants only had a superficial understanding of critical reflection: Breakdown in communication can cause negative outcomes.

Action Plan In future, I will aim to develop my assertive skills when working with colleagues, in order to ensure that the well-being of clients is maintained.

British Journal of Nursing 10 You will be invited to engage in self-compassion; the foundation of all Way of the Koi work. From the evidence, there is need for a better understanding of reflection per se, and particularly for continuing professional development if a shift towards reflective practice as a lifelong learning strategy is to impact upon care provision.

Connect theoretical knowledge from your course to the practical work you undertook. While acknowledging that informal reflection has its value, they suggest that such a view was simplistic, postulating that true reflection on practice is not automatic, but a deliberate focused activity pursued with the intent to examine, learn and develop practice in a more structured way.

The transition toward reflective practice has been slow and incomplete, and needs to be reinforced. Reflects on direct experiences 3. People who have experience with Reflective Reports are better able to reflect on their day to day practice, and they also have the ability to summarise and contextualise their performance for colleagues and governing authorities.

However, there was a gap between how students were facilitated to develop reflective skills — through journal writing — and the support available to practising midwives to develop such skills.

Reflective Reports are frequently used as part of the assessment of practical projects. The content of a supervision session will be agreed between us in advance.

Reflective Practice as a Tool for Growth

Ground rules and responsibilities will be clearly defined, and a contract of commitment is drawn up and agreed in advance. Nurse Education Today 16 6: I also noticed that she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and I was concerned that the cuffs could be contaminated. Dewey describes it as a process that enables learning from experience.

You are more than welcome to book one-off, randomly scheduled sessions or regular monthly sessions, which ever suits you better.

Reflective Essay In Midwifery

Gibbs is a common model of reflection that is used within the health professions. Brockbank A, McGill I. Try to maintain some level of objectivity with regard to both failures and successes.Reflection in midwifery education and practice: an exploratory analysis An ethnomethodological approach was adopted to investigate a purposive sample of students’ and midwives’ day-to-day experiences of reflective practice in a holistic way.

Some midwives are more open to reflection on work than others.

Reflection in midwifery education and practice: an exploratory analysis

When I was working. While I was on my first placement in semester one as a student midwife, I met many pregnant women, both within the community and in the hosp.

She is a former midwife and nurse teacher with over 25 years’ experience working in the fields of healthcare, stress management and medical hypnosis. Her background includes working as a hospital midwife, Critical Care nurse, lecturer in Neonatal Intensive Care, and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for a company making life support.

Midwifery reflection example. Reflective Report On Experiences Working As A Midwife - UK Essays Writer James Tynion focuses a great deal on the theme of power - what it means to be truly strong and the different ways strength can manifest itself.

Using Gibbs: Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment Description In a placement during my second year when I was working on a surgical ward, I was working under the supervision of my mentor, caring for a seventy-two year old gentleman, Mr Khan (pseudonym), who had undergone abdominal surgery.

"This practical guide shows nurses and midwives how to develop a reflective approach to their work and how to sustain reflective practice throughout their professional lives." "Bev Taylor acknowledges the issues faced by practitioners in bureaucratic work settings with time constraints and regulated routines, and shows how reflection can help .

Reflective report on experiences working as a midwife
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