Marks and spencer is clothing and food based commerce essay

The company had made number of overseas acquisitions and probably overpaid for them.

Marks & Spencer Sample Case Study Essay

These first stores had a very simple concept: But their first advertisement proved to be a damp squib. After the recession of the early s, the UK and many other countries entered a period of sustained economic growth and high levels of consumer expenditure.

The bargaining power from buyers is increasing and therefore, a more consumer-orientated strategy is needed. Physical franchises with partners outside the UK. The new management introduced a new strategy which has helped the company get back the customers it had lost in the late s.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Intangible -Good image of the company. Human — The people involved within the organisation Financial — Available cash and ability of an organisation to raise capital B Intangible resources These include patents, brand names and reputation.

He realized that the only way to improve the UK operations was to stop all non-core activities. Richard Hall University of Durham draws a distinction between intangible assets and intangible resources. Its food is positioned as specialist and it is reaping the benefits, with sales growing well ahead of the market.

A Tangible resources Physical — The building, machinery, facilites, equipment used by the organisation. The requirements of consumers are changeable. The company was reorganized into three units: But the new management, led by Vandevelde has come up with new strategies for the twenty first century which have helped the firm get back its leadership positions.

UK Retail, Overseas business and Financial services. Having learnt its lesson, the company can no longer afford to be complacent. They are either prepared to pay a premium for a label or they can go for similar products with lower prices.

At the beginning of the twenty first strategy, the company for the first time in over a century, changed its strategies in keeping with the changing times. Marks and Spencer Group plc. British political system offers stability and encourages capitalism. These were replaced by the e-commerce website, in keeping with the realities of the twenty first century.

This system was revamped so that the store managers were not only responsible for store sales but also had the added responsibility of feeding information regarding local tastes and back to the supply chain.

The bargaining power of suppliers is generally quite low in this industry.

Unique resources and core competences confer sustainable competitive advantage and added value to an organisation. It has realized that it needs to constantly reinvent itself in order to remain competitive. Gap has exploited the demand for young with more street credibility.

As we said earlier on, consumers are demanding either a brand name or discounted products.

Marks & Spencer Essay Sample

Everything was highly centralized with the head office making all the decisions regarding the style and range of the merchandise. He identified 5 forces that shape every industry and determine its attractiveness and potential profitability.

A substantial investment in technology is necessary to operate efficiently in a competitive market.

He decided to sell only Mark and Spenser brand at its store and to stop selling other brands to maintain the exclusivity of the store. The first lesson from Primark is that price really matters.

The biggest challenge was the changing demographics of the customers. The Food business, which had seen consistent sales until then, was also revamped, resulting in reduced operating margins. The three point plan included focusing on UK, closing loss making businesses and changing the capital structure.

However, it had led to some confusion among the customers. Next have also targeted a different segment successfully. This resulted in a bad situation becoming even worse. St Michaels was originally used as a mark of quality.

Debenhams offers designer names in its clothes and furniture ranges. However, as Bryan Roberts at Kantar says:Marks and Spencer mainly deals in Clothing, Home Ware, Food, Technology, Beauty, Financial Services, Energy and Hospitality.

PLAN A: The Customers are becoming more conscious about natural and environmental issues, so for this Marks and Spencer launched plan A, which consists of commitments to overcome the challenges.

Marks and Spencer is the largest UK clothing retailer with a market share of % selling high quality, good value clothes for everyone.

It also has a market share of % for lingerie which makes them leaders in womenswear in UK. In food, M&S does not pretend to be mainstream. Its food is positioned as specialist and it is reaping the benefits, with sales growing well ahead of the market. Some retail analysts believe M&S must go the same way in clothing as it has in food.

Marks & Spencer Sample UK Case Study Essay Marks and Spencer is a leading UK-based retailer of clothing, foods and home ware. The years old company has a very strong market position the UK with stores besides presence in 40 countries through franchisees (Datamonitor).

Marks & Spencer Analysis Essay. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF MARKS & SPENCER Introduction Global retailer Marks & Spencer is the United Kingdom's premier clothing, food, and financial services retailer.

Marks and Spencer

There are lots of benefits Marks and Spencer derives from E-commerce. Marks and Spencer Essay Words About It is renowned for its high quality and great value products including clothing and food.

(Annual Report ) To start off with, I will look at the revenue figures for the past 5 years to give a clearer idea of the progress.

Marks and spencer is clothing and food based commerce essay
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