Legalization of prostitution will make it safer for everyone

But these migrant workers are hardly child sex slaves. It may also be true that many who work in the sex trade would prefer not to.

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Why It’s Time to Legalize Prostitution

InRhode Island effectively legalized prostitution by accident when lawmakers deemed the state statute on prostitution to be overly broad.

Much of the energy behind keeping sex work relegated to the black market comes from the unlikely partnership between radical feminists and evangelical Christians, both of whom object to the way prostitution makes the economics of sex explicit. First, since those engaged in sex work are criminals, they cannot use legal channels to resolve disputes or report crimes without incriminating themselves.

Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

These claims are supported by the data. Instead, buyers and sellers simply go into the black market. Check this out for a full explanation of our conversion to the LiveFyre commenting system and instructions on how to sign up for an account. Researchers found very few underage sex workers actually working.

Human Rights Council published a report from the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women which criticizes anti-trafficking measures which restrict sex workers. The World Health Organization recommends that countries decriminalize sex work. Whether you think bargain basement blowjobs are a good thing or a bad thing, the fact remains that criminalization makes things more expensive.

Ultimately it should be up to the individual woman, or man, to decide whether having sex with someone is in an entirely different category than making them a latte or giving them a massage. And the ability to screen clients and take credit card numbers has reduced violence.

Over the next six years new cases of gonorrhea among women statewide declined by 39 percent. Some women who go into prostitution do so out of desperation.

This leaves workers dependent on pimps and madams for protection, which often leads to more violence. But they are rewarded with higher prices if they keep going until they get to one of the countries where prostitution is still illegal, like France.

The claim that legalizing prostitution increased human trafficking also defies common sense. Both see sex work as a special kind of work. Sex workers would be more likely to seek medical care and less likely to be trafficked by violent cartels.

Opponents of legalized sex work often correctly note that many sex workers are poor. If caught, they face fines or even prison.

Legalized prostitution is safer

Illegality also forces sex work outdoors. A massive study of the sex trade in New York revealed a similar pattern. Instead of breaking apart sex-trafficking rings, prohibition increases their profitability, making trafficking more appealing to criminal enterprises.

Elsewhere, paying or receiving money for sex could land you in jail. But in reality, after testing began post-legalization in Germany, researchers discovered no difference in sexually transmitted infection rates between sex workers and the general population.It is an attempt to make the industry safer for everyone.

With the legalization of prostitution comes the ability to regulate it. Perhaps the biggest problem with the business today is the abundance of sexually transmitted diseases in the workers and their clients.

Legal brothels can help make prostitution safer for everyone. Government licensure of sex work is a step in the right direction. New Delhi, the capitol city of India, is considering the legalization and regulation of prostitution on a nationwide basis. In other words, if the government legalized prostitution, it could potentially make enormous monetary gains.

Thus, There are clear social, health and economic reasons to. Nevada only allows prostitution in licensed brothels that test workers routinely for sexually transmitted infections.

While Love is not the first to. The theory is that decriminalization would make sex work safer -- for sex workers. proponents of legalization of sex-for-money argue that everyone benefits when sex work, which will go on. LEGALIZE IT Why It’s Time to Legalize Prostitution. Evidence shows that it would protect sex workers, reduce violence, cut down on sex trafficking, and more.

Legalization of prostitution will make it safer for everyone
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