Invasive species assignment

By the early s, use of kudzu was already widespread—the Soil Conservation Service even hired hundreds of men to plant kudzu for erosion control in the s. Detailed information about the harmful impact the invasive species has on the environment giving many examples.

To effectively eradicate it from an area, its complicated root system must be destroyed. Now, kudzu is most commonly found in the U. Columbia University, Nature Conservancy Photo credit cover photo: All of the reasons people were originally attracted to this creeping vine make it an incredibly damaging invader.

Known to grow a foot a day in the summer season, kudzu vines grow up to ft long and can quickly smother trees, houses, power lines, and anything else that stands in its way.

Invasive species assignment name of your species. Americans were first introduced to kudzu at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia inwhere gardeners and hobbyists marveled over a garden featuring plants from Japan.

When these new species are introduced to the new area, they quickly spread and take over the new habitat due to a lack of predators or competition.

Common names, alternate names AND scientific name Detailed information on origin of invasive species, including place of origin and way species found its way into United States Detailed information on date and place invasive species was introduced to the U.

Many states have tried herbicides with varying results—it can take up to ten years of repeated application to finally kill a kudzu plant.

In addition to erosion control, kudzu could be used as livestock feed or to make baskets or paper. People should use caution when mowing patches of kudzu though, as its dense, tangled vines could obscure ditches and other hazards. Show these locations in U. Diligent mowing and grazing is the best bet to weaken the plant—management initiatives using cattle, goats, and sheep to graze the plant have been successful if applied over many growing seasons.

Forests can be completely overrun by the plant in as little as two or three years, resulting in lower biodiversity and productivity. By the s, the government was paying farmers in the south to plant the vine by the acre.

Explain any distinguishing characteristics and use many pictures to back up explanation. Why are they harmful?: Detailed information about where invasive species is currently found. You, by yourself or with another team member, will be responsible for researching one of the following invasive species and creating a power point presentation using the answers to the following questions Kudzu has even been shown to possess medical properties and was used to fight inflammation and infections, among other ailments.

Detail information about what organism looks like. Pueraria montana Native Range: Tolerant to both drought and frost, its hardiness allows it to remain dominant and outcompete other plants.

Explain in detail how current measures are being used to keep invasive species under control.Science 10 Name:_____ Invasive Species Assignment You will be researching 2 invasive species in Canada, and then sharing your results with other people next class.

On one piece of 8½ X 11 computer paper make an un-wanted poster for an invasive species that looks like the real thing.

All information must fit on one page (front only) and must be neat and legible. View Homework Help - LP3 Assignment- Invasive Species from SC at National Americal University.

The Zebra Mussel: Invasive or just annoying? An invasive species is %(3). LP3 Assignment: Invasive Species This assignment will assess competency 4. Analyze an ecosystem and the interactions between the components that make up an ecosystem. Directions: Reread page “Limiting Factors.” Respond to the following prompts: Describe the characteristics of an invasive species.

Kudzu has even been shown to possess medical properties and was used to fight inflammation and infections, among other ailments. Now, kudzu is most commonly found in the U.S. south, but its range. Invasive Species Benefits For centuries, invasive species have been recognized as a threat, torment, and even a nuisance to society.

Invasive species are any species that is not native to a.

Invasive species assignment
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