Hindi essay on imagine that you are tree living in a forest

Trees were an important source of survival, providing wood for homes, food and medicine and blessed because of their significance and importance in community life.

We should participate in the discussion or meeting related to the trees conservation issues in the community or state. If we are destroying trees or forests, we are destroying our lives and environment from the green earth.

People who live close to the trees are generally healthier and happier. Small steps can help us to save our precious jungles.

Trees prevent soil erosion by holding large amount of soil to one place. They are most precious gift to the humanity on the earth from nature for which we must be grateful, give honour and preserve for the mankind wellness. We can save trees by using less paper.

Save Trees, Importance of Trees-10 Lines Essay in English, Hindi (पेड़ बचाओ, पेड़ोंका का महत्व)

They keep our environment clean and earth green so, we are also responsible to them and try our best to protect trees. So, if we want to live life in healthy way, we have to save plants forever.

We can change future if we protest for it. We need to save trees. They are source of economy for many people as they are used commercially as a fuel, building construction, tools, furniture manufacture, sporting equipment, household items, paper and so many purposes.

Trees provide fresh oxygen and reduce air pollution by filtering harmful gases. I have mentioned following ways to save trees and environment: Trees are good source of reducing noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

They prevent soil erosion and support wildlife. This is suitable for kids of class 5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. Trees are good source of identifying seasons, they reduces violence, and create economic opportunities to people.

The roots of my love of trees stemmed from childhood.

Short Paragraph on Trees in Hindi

Trees are very important source of cleaning and refreshing air as they produce oxygen and consume green house gases by filtering and intercepting the airborne particles, chemicals, toxic gases, reducing heat, absorbing CO2 and other pollutants like sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

Trees in the society, community, streets, parks, playgrounds and backyards play great role in providing peaceful environment and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We can save trees by recycling the paper, cardboard boxes. They are effective in breaking the force of wind thus helpful in protecting houses, vegetation, farmland, etc. Trees are useful source controlling climate by managing the effects of sun, rain and wind.

Trees have good healing property among patients having any health related complications like children with ADHD if they have direct exposure to the trees and nature. Years ago a spiritual teacher taught me to always ask permission to be with the tree which originates from the Celtic custom of knocking on wood for good luck and as often as is possible to leave a small gift with the tree as a sign of appreciation.

Save Trees Essay 3 words Trees are precious gift to our life from the nature. By seeing the importance and value of trees in our life, we should honour and save trees in order to save life and environment.

Trees are best energy conservation and global warming management technique as they reduce the need of summer air conditioning by up to 50 percent.Imagine A World Without Trees?

Imagine A World Without Trees?

Imagine A World Without Trees? Aug 28, which was once a huge ancient forest called the Northwood. But what is it about trees that make them a requirement of our landscapes?

Save Trees Essay

oak tree, or I have hugged the tree (yes! I'm a tree hugger) or I've chosen to sit quietly in the tree's presence soaking up the.

Free Essays on Hindi Essay Importance Of Forests. Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays the importance of forest and wild life in our environment as well as develop concept towards depletion of resources.

GSW Disadvantages of Technology Imagine a world without the internet. Picture a mid. - Could you imagine a world without tigers, the giant panda, or the rhinoceros.

What a paler place it would be. Astonishing amounts of animals are considered critically endangered and near extinction.

Imagine yourself as a tree in a dense forest. What is your autobiography from your days as a seed, to the day you were chopped for wood? You can select any save trees essay according to the need: it is a responsibility which should be followed by each and every person living on the earth.

It is a big opportunity to all of us to save our healthy environment and green earth by saving trees. (according to the USDA Forest Service).

Essay on Importance of Forest in Hindi

A healthy and mature tree may provide. Mar 06,  · In the second section, we are giving you 15 to 20 sentences speech/essay on the importance of trees in our lives.

This is suitable for kids of class 5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. In the second part of the article, we have translated both sections in Hindi, if you are here for Hindi version then kindly scroll down/5(74).

Hindi essay on imagine that you are tree living in a forest
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