Hi ho yo yo inc case study

Download the case and blank spreadsheet. Your Measure and Analysis phase deliverables are due on 31 October.

Hi-Ho, YO-Yo, Inc. Essay

If you are in the position of decision maker, which rule will you recommend? Educate the staff in order to give then understanding about choosing the best schedule to be made. There will be three Saturday that they will work and they will eight hours each days. Remember, I came up through the ranks.

If you have not already done so, please send me an e-mail from the account you want me to use to contact you. Setup time is to set up the pad printer at the start of the job. Some of the categories that need to be met are: It should be in detailed information therefore the schedule will be followed.

The hard savings would be the reduction in postage expense and time necessary to re-mail. The critical ratio gives importance to jobs that must be done to keep shipping on schedule. You could work with your church, for example. Try to reduce work-in-process inventory.

Shortest processing time is commonly the best method for reducing job flow and reducing the average number of jobs in the organization. If you are going to miss class, download the workbook and do the exercises on your own in the University Center Computer Lab, in a computer lab on the main campus you can load the SAP GUI to your accountor at home by using SAP web access.

Setup at the beginning of a new day with the same job is insignificant. What are the benefits of this rule? All project Design Phase reports are graded and approved. By using this technique the workers will finish all the orders at the shortest period of time.

What are the drawbacks of other rules?

Priority Rules: Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc.

Therefore, this is the best appropriate rule to be used in order to meet the restrictions. Quote from an article in the Sept. A real world example is available at http: Finally the critical ratio CRin this rule an individual must compute a priority index using the formula and it is commonly used in practice.

The job shop quality act can be control by the number of late jobs, the average delay across late jobs or the normal lateness across all jobs. In this rule, the sequencing of the jobs is done first by receiving the critical ratio of each job then selects the lowest among them.

For a general discussion of measures and metrics not discussed in a Six Sigma context--but perhaps helpfuldownload Chapter 2. In this event, there are facts given that will help in order to make a conclusion of what technique to use.

Setup at the beginning of a new day with the same job is insignificant.

Hi-Ho Yo-Yo Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Next it is repeated removing the job with the last CR point till one work is left. Would you have time to look on the order list attached and see what kind of schedule we should follow to do that?

Its main drawback is that long-duration jobs may be constantly lacking back in priority in favor of short-duration jobs. Send me an e-mail indicating the account you want me to use to communicate with you and whether you want a link to your e-mail on this web site.

We have received more orders than usual for July, and I want to release the orders to pad printing in a way that will enable us to meet our due date commitments in the best way possible. Remember in the define phase you identify metrics.

Shortest processing Time SPT — jobs are processed according to processing time at a machine or work center, shortest job first. We will discuss one more Project Management topic: Then, the flow time is calculated for every part of the job, using the processing time, which helps in getting whole time for the achievement of work.

Applications are due by 15 November. This machine is only useful in single machine method. After a few minutes with your old operations management text, you call the production control office to confirm the pad printing schedule.Hi-HoYoYo, Inc.

Case Analysis - FINALS 6 mint-body.com main objective in this case study is to find the best rule to be followed in order to solve the existing problem. Hi-Ho Yo Yo, Inc. Case Analysis - FINALS CHAPTER VI Alternative Course of action According to Stevenson, priority rules are simple heuristics used to select the order in which jobs will be processed.

In this case study, there are four rules given to be analysed in order to resolve the current problem. Hi-Ho, Yo- Yo Incorporation is an institute that makes special logos for yoyos. Now, they are starting to face a problem with increasing orders and the company wants to meet their order process deadlines.

Answer to Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc. It was a little past on a Monday morning when Jeff Baker walked into your office with a box of do %(1). I will post the fourth Hi-Ho Yo-Yo case study to the web on Tuesday, 1 November.

Your case report will be due on 7 November. You may e-mail me or come by during office hours at the University Center ( Monday night) to check your grades to date. Running Head: HI-HO YO-YO INC.

Case Study: Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc. First Come First Serve (FCFS): This is a service policy that is based on attaining the customers or clients, in order to their arrival or request. It means that, the one who comes earlier would be given priority in the sequence of their.

Hi ho yo yo inc case study
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