Every living creature on earth dies

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This is only if you determine you truly do not care for human contact. Those senses being unable to fully convey experience, we seperate into selves instead of working as Every living creature on earth dies cohesive "being", God if you will. Not everyone is gifted in social interaction, but it takes practice, and I think you might surprise yourself when you do make a connection.

So we do all die alone, trapped within these physiological bodies which poison us away from the one. Many people die with their family around them.

We are capable of realizing that greatness in life, after any one of the moments in our lives that tear our ego assunder, but we allow our karma, our past actions to block that realization and resolidify the ego, just seperating us more and more. Heaven and hell all right here in the same place that we have inhabbited for so long.

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If you are lonely and disconnected, there are two paths: Back to Top Post by on Nov 19, Thus, it could be considered that the total kinetic energy of any energy system, atom or body of mass for instancewithin our totality is actually proportional to the overall motion of our totality in its entirety.

Where the displacement of the components composing a body of mass, thus matter is held together at the same constant rate Every living creature on earth dies to the speed of lightis due to the potential energy available within the given system being converted into the kinetic energy of motion.

Every religion has the hooks in them to pull each other together, and yet the farther we get from the founding principals into the system of religion, the more those hooks become sharpenned into barbs to ward off outside influence. The only thing that can make our short stay on this planet more bearable is each other, because that is all we have.

The worm hole appearing in the sky is like the phoenix rising from the ashes with change in its wake. Then reality permitting should we ever bring out our hopes and dreams we find that they are exactly the same as when we put them away.

Oops, that post ran pretty long. I believe we all die alone, for one simple reason, we are forever alone. As nothing, no matter how bad it may be at the time lasts forever.

Without feeling those attachments, or at least having the willingness to move past them, moving beyond the trap of this physiological body would be pure bliss. As slowly but surely, our whole spirit world evolves and eventually passes away only for our hopes and dreams to remain as part of the new world that has yet to evolve.

Whatever you want to call it, soul, it is a part of God, as such there is no duality of beings, there is only the one, and parts of the one. Take this life Stay a while and breathe me in. Meaning that our totality in its entirety was formed out of a finite amount of kinetic energy with portions of kinetic energy made to accelerate around some fixed point forming simple energy systems, whereby, a particle of mass is then equal to a bundle of energy, with corresponding frequency and wavelengthaccelerating around some fixed point and an atom is a complex energy system.

So what do we know about our present reality? Or denying the fact of unity: Such that, vibrations in the soul of the sender are equal to vibrations in our totality, our whole universe viewed according to Quantum mechanics and also the beloved philosophy of time travel as pure energyand should it be scientifically verified that our universe conducts spirit as electrically recorded in a video showing a ghost pushing on a door, with the corresponding work done in the door moving over a distance also measured in electron Volts, yet with no energy added or taking away from our present totalities configeration, only the corresponding change in vibration within its configeration.

If you cant make that connection, and you just think you never will and that no-one will ever truely understand you, thenMar 30,  · Donnie: She said, "Every living creature on earth dies alone." Dr. Lilian Thurman: The search for God is absurd?

Donnie: It is if everyone dies alone. Also Donnie says something about his dog going under his porch to die, to die alone. There are no reviews for Every Living Creature on This Earth Dies Alone yet.

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'Every living creature on earth dies alone'?

This quote is mentioned in the movie called Donnie Darko. If you are unfamiliar with this, Donnie Darko was a movie which was made in which features Jake Gyllenhaal as an schizophrenic whom sees hallucinations of a man in a halloween costume named mint-body.com: Resolved.

Every living creature on earth dies
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