English discursive essay plan

Each form of communication has its advantages and disadvantages: This will develop the antithesis Telephoning is ideal if you want immediate action. A discursive essay should have: For the moment, it remains unclear.

In terms of spoken text, consider your discursive essay as a debate in which both sides are presented.

Euthanasia-Discursive Essay

There are no restrictions on the resources to which you may have access, for example, spellcheckers and dictionaries. It may target an audience that is more resistant to its viewpoint or message. Try to choose strong and valid points that would be difficult to argue against.


Argumentative Style Argumentative essays follow a general format. To sum up, letter writing is far from dead, in my view. There are plenty of arguments for the legalisation of Euthanasia and there are plenty of arguments against it.

Discursive essays often have transitional wording leading into the next paragraph. The legalisation of Euthanasia would definitely have a big impact on society but the worry is that if voluntary euthanasia is legalised, non-voluntary euthanasia will then be legalised and following that may even be involuntary euthanasia.

In conclusion, the Euthanasia debate is a very difficult topic. In the UK, a 14year prison sentence is given to those involved with Euthanasia, under the Suicide Act.

This was very hurtful. Points For — one paragraph giving reasons in favour. We will wait for your next order. My grandmother even remembers when there was no TV anywhere. Once the order is paid, we send you an official confirmation email and you can just relax!

Planning a discursive essay

This would go beyond reasonable assistance. Make sure that each point has a counterargument. Two such similar styles are the discursive essay and the argumentative essay.

Consistent technical accuracy means that few errors will be present: We have made rapid progress, especially in the fields of medicine, communication and transport.

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Conclusion — a brief paragraph stating your point of view thesis based on the reasons and evidence you have given. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

However, modern technology also brings many disadvantages. Many of the arguments are based on values and beliefs which makes things all the more difficult to resolve. Occasionally, you may be asked directly for a personal opinion e.

This makes it more exciting and informative to the reader when you DO introduce its counter-argument. The link below may be helpful to stimulate thinking and planning for discursive writing: This piece of work will usually be word processed and because of the use of ICT the expectation is that it will be free from any frequent errors or regular misspellings.

Some people believe that technology is bad, other people believe that technology is fantastic. The Body contains the arguments and logic for both sides. The author usually maintains a calm and neutral stance throughout the text to establish an unbiased and informative argument.

Each issue should be discussed in a separate paragraph and each paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence. The mobile phone has made a positive contribution to our lives today Friendships have become more important than family relationships The computer has greatly improved our lives today Are electric cars a replacement for those powered by fossil fuels?

Argumentative essay plan euthanasia discursive

This ensures your argument is unbiased as well as thorough. If a Doctor prescribes strong painkillers to a patient which may cause long-term effects, some people might argue that Passive Euthanasia is taking place.

In other words… en otras palabras. This planning stage will be kept by the school and will be used to evidence that the final submission is your own work. Speakout Advanced p A planning mat to support LA writing/planning for a discursive essay on lying.

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Discursive writing This page is devoted to writing in language tests, for anyone that needs to do this. as well as in academic and language-based courses, it is extremely common to see discussion-type essay questions.

Usually, In a test, you will lose marks for answering the wrong question, even if your English is good. Try to bear in. Tone. It is important to write formally in a discursive essay.

Types of essay

This means you should write in complete sentences, using full words and expressions and standard English. Discursive essays - Cooperate with our writers to get the excellent coursework following the requirements Best HQ academic writings provided by top professionals.

put out a little time and money to receive the dissertation you could not even imagine. For your portfolio you have to produce two essays – one which is discursive and one which is creative.

We will focus on producing a persuasive essay for the discursive piece and a personal reflective essay for the creative piece.

English discursive essay plan
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