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Analysis and Discussion Conventional pads drive feet per hour while CMI pads drive miles in the same time.

What price should Curled Metal Inc. In this condition, it is better to follow the market penetration strategy by setting low cost for a Curled metal case when pads are very popular in the market and then charging premium price on it…………………… This is just a sample partial work.

Traditional wooden blocks were used which were inefficient and time consuming. Sanwal are responsible for defining an appropriate strategy for the new cushion pads. CMI pads also take less time to change per set which translates into additional savings of labor cost that are paid on Curled metal case hourly basis.

FAQ A personal link to the complete case study solution via email. What factors are relevant in calculating willingness to pay in this situation?

We are a team of business students M. Price is important Curled metal case it will determine the demand of the product as higher price will erode the saving of the contractors and will be not be seen as value of money.

On page 1 of the case, Curled Metal Inc. There are different sizes of the pad but for the class discussion only, and the size Curled metal case is used in discussion and calculation is Further key issue is the price of the cushion pad, how many customers will be willing to pay for the pads and how much CMI is willing to set price of the CMI.

In conventional pads, there are 24 sets which drive 15 miles per set, while if it is compared to CMI pads there are 6 pads per set that drive miles per set. Other issues, such as the market potential, are additionally discussed in the case study. Cushion pads were in demand by these two contractors and it seems that after its success, it will be demanded by other contractors as well.

Prepare a specific monetary estimate of customer value in this situation. What should be the price for customers? There are two options to produce pads to CMI, first is to install separate machinery by investing a good sum of amount, or it is possible to not to invest and continue with existing machinery.

CMI has already tested the product with two companies and the result seems to be positive and can be said that it is ready to be sold commercially. Market share can be determined by the detailed analysis of the potential market, and carefully estimating the numbers of pads that can be sold, and the price of the pad which can be done through market analysis and quantitative analysis.

Is it safe to pay? Recommendation Prior to selling cushion pads commercially, it is highly recommended to test before it is being sold. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution.

Please prepare a specific monetary estimate of customer value in this situation. Please prepare an integrated strategic option for CMI — an option that specifies your price but also specifies the many other choices facing CMI in formulating a strategy for its new cushion pads e.

CMI has developed new product cushion pad. One of the major issues that CMI is being faced with is the feasibility of its new product, whether the product will be feasible for the commercial use and will it benefit the user if they used their traditional method. Case analysis for Curled Metal Inc.

If the product of CMI is big and CMI captures most of the market share than the volume of production of pads will be high enough. These are the total costs per hour of pile driving, the saved costs for driving as well as the savings in changing time.

We will use this number for further calculations. Marketing Strategy As CMI pads is not very well known to customers therefore, the marketing strategy will be either market penetration or market skimming. Marketing of Pads; if CMI wishes to capture enough profits then it will have to access the size of the market and CMI potential share in the market.

Please focus on an Michael, MBA student By purchasing, you agree to our terms of service. Below I have calculated the total costs for driving time, replacing pads for both the Kendrick Foundation Company and Corey construction We use Paypal as our secure payment provider of choice.

Cushion pad was created to prevent shock from the hammer from damaging the pile. Market Size A total ofpads will be required to drive 75 to million miles.Curled Metal Study Question 1 WHAT SHOULD A CUSTOMER BE WILLING TO PAY FOR ONE OF CURLED METAL INCORPORATED’S 5/5(2).

Curled Metals Case Essay Words | 10 Pages. Curled Metal Inc.—Finding the Perfect Price Brief Description of Company and the Situation Curled Metal Inc.

(CMI) specializes in selling metal-based products to various markets.

Curled Metal Inc. – Case Study Analysis

02/27/ Curled Metal Inc.- Engineered Products Division: Case Study Analysis Francesco Panazzolo Fall Case Presentation Curled Metal Inc. (CMI) faced a pricing and channel marketing decision for metal pile cushions utilized during pile driving. CMI’s approach to metal pads has.

Curled Metal Inc.–Engineered Products Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case solution includes an Excel file. Curled Metal Inc. is facing declining sales, but has created a new product (curled metal pile driver pads), which provide a strong value for Curled Metal customers.

solved solution for price calculation of curled metal case study problem. CURLED METAL INC.-ENGINEERED PRODUCTS DIVISION Group 4 Gaurav Anand – 15PGP Saurabh Kumar – 15PGP Naveen Kumar - 15PGP Emani Kamalaja – 15PGP Rucha.

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Curled metal case
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