Concept of cce

However the system has also been criticised for focussing more on projects and activities than actual learning. This means that Grade 9 would imply an A2 grade. By holding aptitude tests. Outcome, results and effect[ edit ] The outcome of the CCE system at the initial Concept of cce varies.

The Board, the Principal and the Student. CCE advocates absolute grading. Recognizing and encouraging specific abilities of students, who do not excel in academics but perform well in other co-curricular areas.

A student will have to concentrate on totally new topics for the next summative. In addition to that, various assignments can be given such as projects, models and charts, group work, worksheet, survey, seminar, etc. CCE has come to end in the academic year and the annual pattern has been made mandatory.

Allow peer and self assessment. Namely, the formative and the summative. Involving learners actively in the learning process. The first summative or Summative Assessment 1 SA-1 will be conducted after the first two formatives are completed. Share the assessment criteria with the students.

In some schools, an additional written test is conducted instead of multiple oral tests. For example, they give remedial help, maintain a term-wise record and checklists, etc. Who will sign the completed CCE cards in class X for ? However, only a small numbers of schools provide this choice to their students.

Understand different learning styles and abilities. The second SA-2 will be conducted after the next two formatives. The main aim of CCE is to reduce pressure on students who are unable to effectively participate in the educational system and leave it dejected and with low self-confidence.

In addition to the summative assessment, the board will offer an optional online aptitude test that may also be used as a tool along with the grades obtained in the CCE to help students to decide the choice of subjects in further studies.

Which document has the syllabus and examination specifications? CCE will cover the scholastic and co scholastic areas of school education. Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students.CCE Certification Competencies.

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CCE Guidelines

certified rare. CCE Guidelines and Pattern Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of student's development.

It emphasizes two fold mint-body.comuity in evaluation and assessment of .

Concept of cce
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