Chemistry the acidic environment assignment

HSC Chemistry – The Acidic Environment – dot point notes

During the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels seemed to be the ideal energy source. Steam locomotives, the major machines of the Industrial Revolution, used coal as a fuel source and thus increased the amount of sulphur dioxide.

Discuss the evidence for this statement, and include relevant balanced chemical equations.

HSC Chemistry – The Acidic Environment notes – dot point summary

Identify acids including acetic ethanoiccitric 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylichydrochloric and sulfuric acid. Action of sunlight on NO and O2 NO2 Industrial Combustion of fossil fuels coal often contains some S Smelting of copper, zinc and lead sulphides High temperature combustion of fuels in vehicles and power stations Non-metal oxides and semi-metals Conditions under which they present acidic properties: Soil chemistry can change, leading to the death of important micro-organisms and release of normally insoluble aluminium and mercury into soil water.

Corrosion of concrete, mortar, limestone and marble. Soil pH can drop, making it difficult for plants to absorb sufficient calcium or potassium. Examples of indicators and their associated colour changes: It is checked using universal indicator.

HCl is added to increase acidity or sodium hydrogen carbonate to increase alkalinity as necessary.

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Assess the evidence which indicates increases in atmospheric concentration of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen.

Finally, since bromothymol blue is blue, the pH must be greater than or equal to 7. Testing pH of soil Most plants have a preferred soil pH range, which is important particularly in agriculture.

SO2 forms sulfate ions and NO2 forms nitrate ions, which are water-soluble and circulate in the hydrosphere and biosphere, chemically changed. These can then be used to checkout other documents on Thinkswap.

When a system is in equilibrium: Concentrations are low — about 0. Since Methyl Orange turns yellow, the pH is greater than or equal to 4. Explain the formation and effects of acid rain.

Amphoteric oxides Amphoteric oxides react with both acids and bases i. There is no current evidence for a global increase in the concentrations of sulphuChemistry Acidic Environment Assignment User Description: A research assignment for the Core Module 'acidic environment' in it are answers to several HSC questions on acids and acid theory.

HSC Chemistry – Acidic Environment notes This is a set of HSC Chemistry dot-point summary notes for The Acidic Environment. HSC Chemistry tutoring at Dux College provides students with the right support to achieve a band 6 result in HSC Chemistry.

AP Chemistry. Acids and Bases Assignment Sheet. Date In Class Assignment 2/11 ER Review acid-base theories & conjugate pairs (POGIL) Read/highlight chapter 16 outline.

Task 3: Implications acidic oxides in the atmosphere (10 marks) (a) Analyse information from secondary sources to summarise the industrial origins of sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen and evaluate reasons for concerns about their release into the environment.

Page2% 2% The!phosphate!buffer!system!operates!inthe!cytoplasm!of!all!cells.!This!buffer!system!is!showninthe! equation!below.!!

H 2PO 4 C!(aq)+!H 2O(l)!⇔!HPO 4 2C. The history, nature and practice of chemistry, the applications and uses of chemistry and implications of chemistry for society and the environment.

Chemistry the acidic environment assignment
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