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Laboratory Practice During Laboratory Practice the students learn about measuring methods, use of the appropriate equipment and their practical use in research. Please note that following the approval from your supervisor Bachelor thesis eththe request must be submitted no later than four weeks before Bachelor thesis eth submission deadline expires.

The prerequisites for being admitted to a Focus Project are listed in the Detailed Regulations on the Implementation of Focus Projects only available in German: Electives Electives increase theoretical and methodological aspects of fundamental knowledge.

Theses may be authored individually or in the context of group work; group work theses are more comprehensive. Focus Project 14 credit points Courses, individually defined by the project coordinator 6 credit points Requirements: Kristina Shea Focus Project Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product.

The minimum duration of this training is five weeks and it takes place in a company.

Driving factors and possibilities for extrapolation Kuhn, M: Based on market-oriented need, all processes in product development are conducted in a realistic manner: You will find the content specifications for the large thesis or the two small papers in the Study Guide.

The presentations of the Focus Specializations can be found under Informationevents. Water consumption and water stress indicators: The student normally receives concluding feedback in written form or in a further meeting.

In the fourth and fifth semesters, students will be offered various opportunities for Laboratory Practice.

Pesticide residue model for fruits and relevance for consumer risk Ackermann, C: The student selects one supervisor and together they establish the topic and form of the thesis.

Ten labs must be passed, of which at least four must be in physics. In total, 5 Engineering Tool-courses must be completed.

How environmental friendly are wood based product? Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct according to Duden rules. The Electives of the current semester are published in the Course Catalogue: Consumer exposure to pesticide residues in food - Importance of secondary pathways Gutbrodt, S: The deadlines for registration and submission are binding.

Nanopartikel - ein Weg zu effizienteren Lithiumionen-Batterien? Material flow analysis and life cycle assessment modeling Binkert, A: Courses which are not listed in the Focus Specialization may be accepted only with the approval of the Focus Coordinator.

Erhebung des Biomassepotentials in der Schweiz Kohler, I: Quantifying human toxicity impacts from the use of common household indoor products Corbin, A: Unless otherwise agreed, the grade will be entered in myStudies no later than 4 weeks after submission of the thesis.

A thesis in the area of Technical Electives addresses the environmental effects of a particular use of technology, in the form of an analysis, an assessment or the future design of a particular use.

The estimated workload is between hours short thesis and hours long thesis. It deploys scientific tools of data Bachelor thesis eth, analysis and interpretation.

Request to extend thesis submission deadline: Students can also suggest their own projects, however they must be supported and supervised by an ETH Zurich professor.In addition to offering Bachelor's and Master's programmes in mathematics, the Department provides service courses in mathematics for future engineers and scientists at ETH Zurich, equipping them with a solid foundation for study, practice and research in their fields of specialty.

The Bachelor's Thesis is an independently written work. It is compulsory for each student to sign a Declaration of Originality and to include it with the Bachelor's Thesis. The Declaration of Originality must be bound into the work. Alle Studenten müssen die Zitierrichtlinien (PDF, 84 KB) der ETH befolgen.

Folien zur Einführungsveranstaltung vom Februar finden Sie. The Bachelor’s Thesis is realized in the 6th semester, corresponds to 14 credit points and is the completion of the studies. It encourages students to develop, enhance and demonstrate their methodological abilities and to independently tackle and.

Forms and Documents Main content. General Information: Accordion. Press Tab to navigate to entries, then Enter to open or collapse content. Regulations on the admission to studies at ETH Zurich (German) Link; General regulations on performance assessment at ETH Zurich Bachelor's Thesis.

Guidelines Bachelor's Thesis. The Bachelor thesis in the 6th semester is intended to promote independent, hands-on problem-solving skills. 10 credits are awarded for submission of a satisfactory Bachelor's thesis (minimum grade ).

Bachelor thesis eth
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