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Unions allow the workers to ask for their legitimate rights. Employee involvement, if appropriately structured, generally improves the economic productivity of the firm. Work Cited Henretta, J. This is not to say that employees should avoid joining unions for fear of creating distrust between themselves and their employers.

For example, a greedy employer may try to exploit employees by denying them appropriately timed breaks in stressful work environments, and many employees will tolerate the abuse for fear of losing their jobs.

Collective bargaining is one of the most important aspects for any union, be it in sports, or any other labor pool.

Essay: Labor Unions – Advantages and Disadvantages

Fringe benefits, also known as employee benefits, perquisites, or perks, are provided to many employees by their organizations. Labor unions exist to protect employees from this kind of abuse by informing them of their legal rights. This is why the workers feel a duty for collective bargaining as it provides them with a strong collective voice.

This provision allows the employees to ask for their rights in a collective manner, that is in the form of unions. With the goal of making work environments fair for their employees, labor unions push forward for progress, fighting for the rights of working class individuals who may not have voices of their own.

However, it is important to remember that employees must contribute to their unions to protect themselves.

For this reason, employees may want to examine their work environments carefully and decide whether or not they require protection from labor unions. This greediness can lead to a lack of trust between an employee and his employer, contributing to a hostile work environment.

Being in a union has many advantages. Unions can enforce job security standard in a relatively expeditious and inexpensive arbitration forum. Diverse Pathways through Later Life. Labor unions have power, and they know how to use it.

Sample Persuasive Essay on Unions

Nonetheless, it is important for employees to know that although unions can bring job security and protection, they can also bring distrust and controversy to work environments. This was all possible because of the interaction between the management and the unions.

Unions have influence over companies, and they can become very greedy. A labor union is defined as a collection of workers who come together to meet common goals and practices. A labor union provides a wall of support in the form of paid staff and volunteers who fight for the rights of hard-working employees.

Labor unions exist to take the pressure off the employees, serving as third parties and go-betweens to help working class individuals fight for their rights in their respective places of work. Labor unions have the power to press employers for raises, but their zeal may be misplaced.

Also, many employers would Are unions still useful essay it much of a hassle to confront a union, while making one person the blunt of authority is much easier. They not only help in raising the workers wages but also help in reducing wage inequality amongst the workers.

In more stressful, risky work environments, unions may be useful, but individuals with less demanding jobs may want to steer clear of labor unions and eliminate the clutter. It is highly unlikely that a single worker could have worked to have these laws implemented.

In addition to helping provide better pay for the working class, labor unions make employees more aware of their rights as workers. Fighting for the working class is one thing, but pushing an employer for an unrealistic pay raise is another.

Furthermore, labor unions will make employers liable in the event of injury or illness because of workplace abuse or neglect. These benefits can include anything from basic medical and dental coverage to extremely lavish company-paid vacations. An individual lobbying for an overdue raise may feel intimidated in front of an employer, backing down for fear of losing his job or drawing undue ire.

However, they can also push employers too far and give the wrong impression. To understand labor unions and how individuals may receive them, it is important to examine both sides of the situation to uncover the pros and cons of keeping and operating under labor unions.

By pushing for equal opportunity workplaces and safe work environments, labor unions can help employees to know their rights and receive fair treatment. Many of the workers have also expressed a preference for representation through an employee organization that interacts with management in a non-adversarial manner.

It is good to be in a union because the workers belonging to a union can collectively bargain with their employers. If you were to take a look at history, a lot has changed and much has been developed in the area of wages and welfare work.

This is why it is extremely important for workers to be part of a union because a worker alone might face many problems but these problems can be resolved if the worker was part of a union. Not every individual who wanders onto a job is fully aware of all the rights and privileges that come with the position.

Some companies simply do not have the money to spend on salary bumps, but pressure from labor unions can force them into submission, and the pressure a labor union places behind an employer does not only affect the company.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The importance of trade unions Introduction. The origins of unions’ existence can be traced back to the 18th century, when the rapid expansion of industrial society attracted women, children and immigrants to the work force in large numbers.

Sample Persuasive Essay on Unions It is very important for people working in a large organization to have and be part of a union. A labor union is defined as a collection of workers who come together to meet common goals and practices.

Are Unions Still Useful? Essay - The usefulness of unions today is an ongoing discussion. Some advocate they are necessary for maintaining a balance of power in the workplace, whilst others challenge this with employers voicing their own concerns as society becomes increasingly individualised.

Are unions in New Zealand (NZ) still useful is a debated issue. Logic suggests that they provide the necessary balance in power between employers and employees so will always be regarded as helpful.

Conversely, changes over time mean they are not as valued as NZ’s representational avenues have. Free Essay: The usefulness of unions today is an ongoing discussion.

Some advocate they are necessary for maintaining a balance of power in the workplace. Essay: Labor Unions – Advantages and Disadvantages By lobbying for better working conditions, employee/employer relations, and fair wages, labor unions strive to protect the welfare of working class individuals.

Are unions still useful essay
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