An analysis of the new labours pre election manifesto in 1997

We will set targets for universal provision for three year-olds whose parents want it. The first is to come out.

new Labour because Britain deserves better

In addition to random drug testing of all prisoners we will aim for a voluntary testing unit in every prison for prisoners ready to prove they are drug-free.

Meanwhile local authorities have come together to create a more co-ordinated regional voice. The tax credit system introduced by the government has proven to be successful, over six million families are now benefiting from this system.

School sports must be the foundation. Streets are not safe. Business can and must succeed in raising productivity. An independent commission on voting systems will be appointed early to recommend a proportional alternative to the first-past-the-post system.

Equally, our attitudes to race, sex and sexuality have changed fundamentally. We will encourage employers to take on those who have suffered unemployment for more than two years with a 75 pound-a-week tax rebate paid for six months, financed by the windfall levy.

The Scottish Parliament met for the first time on 12 May Our programme for the phased release of past receipts from council house sales will provide new jobs in the construction industry. Other specific promises - such as the creation of a new qualification for school headmasters and replace the Youth Training Scheme with a new "Target " scheme - appear to have been quietly dropped.

We will audit the resources available, take proper ministerial responsibility for the service, and seek to ensure that prison regimes are constructive and require inmates to face up to their offending behaviour.

We recognise the immense amount of care provision undertaken by family members, neighbours and friends. Our task is to combine change and social stability. A Labour government will also work to bring the Olympics and other major international sporting events to Britain.

Sport A Labour government will take the lead in extending opportunities for participation in sports; and in identifying sporting excellence and supporting it. This review will continue in government on the guidelines we have already laid down.

A new politics The reason for having created new Labour is to meet the challenges of a different world. So it is our duty to act now. The majority of teachers are skilful and dedicated, but some fall short.

Blair warns against complacency Tony and Cherie Blair celebrate In the event, Labour need not have worried. We have advocated new measures to promote animal welfare, including a free vote in Parliament on whether hunting with hounds should be banned by legislation. We will simplify the current rules restricting the purchase of freeholds by leaseholders.

Customised, personalised services We favour initiatives with new combinations of available benefits to suit individual circumstances. For Scotland we propose the creation of a parliament with law-making powers, firmly based on the agreement reached in the Scottish Constitutional Convention, including defined and limited financial powers to vary revenue and elected by an additional member system.

The tragedy is that those hardest hit are least able to pay. Our system of government is centralised, inefficient and bureaucratic. While this issue has frustrated the constitutional reform lobby, the government has established a commission to propose non-party peers - though its decisions have been criticised.

In the Scottish referendum we will seek separate endorsement of the proposal to create a parliament, and of the proposal to give it defined and limited financial powers to vary revenue.

The core public responsibilities of the Underground would be threatened. The review will ensure that the views of pensioners are heard. Cycling and walking must be made safer, especially around schools.

The Government of Wales Act was passed in and the new assembly took up powers in July That is what we will establish and develop.

We propose a new approach to law and order: The first two weeks of the campaign proved largely insubstantial and were dominated by sleaze and the inability of Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to agree on a formula for a leadership debate.The United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday, 1 MayA manifesto, entitled New Labour, New Life For Britain was released in and outlined 5 key pledges: Class sizes to be cut to 30 or under for 5, 6 and 7 year olds by using money from the assisted places scheme.

Labour went into the election campaign determined to avoid a fifth consecutive general election defeat. Labours links with the trade unions had been weakened and New Labour had.the six promises in the New Labour general election manifesto were chapter tries to account for New Labours failed attempts to modernise British.

Backed New Labour at the general election, making it doubly hard for the. Labour's pledges: The constitution The following page details Labour's activity in government on constitutional affairs, based on what it committed itself to in the manifesto. Some pledges have been omitted for the sake of brevity.

Labour manifesto the key points, pledges and analysis Labour’s general election manifesto. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA A new section has been added to the manifesto promising that.

Labour manifesto 2017: the key points, pledges and analysis

Evaluate New Labours Management of the economy since - Assignment Example this adheres to their pre-election manifesto of This is not quite what it seems though as taxes have been raised in other areas. A summarized analysis of William Wordsmith’s poem; A Good Man is Hard to Find – a story analysis; Kate Chopin’s.

An analysis of the new labours pre election manifesto in 1997
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