A comparison of heroism between odysseus and achilles

Odysseus is the more satisfying hero. For a conscientious survey, I cite Lesky Since the Oracle is prophesying the conquest of Troy, and since we know that Odysseus gets the credit for this achievement, why would this hero feel sadness, not delight, when he hears an epic story that tells how the god Apollo had prophesied the conquest?

As his speech draws to a close, the final words of Achilles to Odysseus can be understood as conveying an underlying awareness and even bitterness. I will confine myself, then, to examining whether a poem that is composed in a given tradition may refer to other traditions of composition. As I reconstruct this prophecy, the Oracle had said: Let A comparison of heroism between odysseus and achilles examine these comparable themes by using as our frame of reference the compressed narrative of Odyssey viii 72— But now we cannot even match one of them, Hektor, who is about to set fire to our ships with burning fire.

Their stern leadership is what motivated them to complete their journey and become victorious. This reaction of the hero may at first strike us as puzzling.

When Odysseus is set off from Ajax and Phoinix, the latter pair is designated in the dual. Who is the best of heroes, Achilles or Odysseus? A noble quality about Odysseus is his determination to save and protect his men.

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As for what I am about to argue, there is considerable room for disagreement. First of all, let Phoinix, dear to Zeus, take the lead; and after him the great Ajax and brilliant Odysseus, and of the heralds let Odios and Eurybates accompany them.

Both of these men as leaders in their heroic journeys. That is why he is sad, not happy, to hear the retelling of an Iliadic story that can never guarantee for him the kleos that he hopes to achieve in order to become, ultimately, the best of the Achaeans in the Odyssey.

It therefore remains tenable to claim that they refer instead to Ajax and Phoinix. As Cedric Whitman argues, the acceptance of such compromised terms by Achilles would thus have aborted his heroic stature in the Iliad. The purported grafting of Phoinix into this scene is thus only partially successful, in that the role of Phoinix fails to get its proper due.

When it came to Achilles, he was not a risk taker. To list some prominent examples would be unproductive. When it comes to being clear minded and cunning Odysseus takes the cake.

In fact, this theme may help account for a notorious problem involving the Embassy Scene of Iliad IX. In the present passage, the key words for understanding its affinity with viii 72—82 are at VIII This posting is relevant to my earlier posting about Ajaxwho has the misfortune of becoming the second-best of the Achaeans in both the Iliad and the Odyssey.

He has indeed labored greatly in my absence, and he has even built a wall and driven a ditch around it —wide and big it is—and he has fastened stakes inside.

The self-assertion of Odysseus goes beyond taking the lead in the procession to the tent of Achilles. But come, let those upon whom I am looking take on the task. This conquest, achieved primarily by Odysseus as a paragon of intelligence and even trickery, seems to prove that the main hero of the Odyssey is better than Achilles, the main hero of the Iliad, who failed to conquer Troy.

We see in that part of the Odyssey what can best be described as paraphrases of three songs performed by Demodokos, the blind singer of the Phaeacians. When the emissaries are about to deliver their message to Achilles, Ajax gives Phoinix the signal to begin, but it is Odysseus who takes the initiative: This much said, I leave the problem of the dual constructions in Iliad IX and return to the broader problem of establishing the relationship between the expanded passage of the Embassy Scene and the compressed passage of Odyssey viii 72—Compare and Contrast Achilles and Odysseus 1.

Achilles An epic hero excells in skill, strength, and courage. Achilles fought bravely in the war at Troy, and successfully defeated Hector after the Trojan commander killed his best friend.

Sep 24,  · Achilles & Odysseus Hero Comparison Posted on September 24, by brianpfaff Between the two heroes Achilles and Odysseus there are several similarities and differences.

Sep 22,  · Odysseus and Achilles are alike in so many different ways. They both have some of the same traits and they both have been through some of the same journeys.

What Are the Differences and Similarities Between Achilles and Hector?

For instance, when Odysseus got finished being captured by the cyclops, fighting through the sirens, fighting through the sirens and everything else, he started. The similarities between Achilles and Hector is that both lived in the present moment and both wanted to achieve glory in order to be the hero that their homeland needed, while the differences include Achilles being stubborn and angry while Hector was prideful, yet cowardly and impulsive.

Both. Sep 25,  · Comparison of Enkidu and Gilgamesh; Gothic Genre: A 20th Century Gothic Story Expressing Fear, forbidden love, and the Evolution of Women Characters Comparison between Odysseus and Achilles.

Posted on September 25, Achilles may have been the more classic fighter, but in the broader sense of the hero, Odysseus.

Apr 07,  · Best Answer: Odysseus was mortal and Achilles was thought to be a demigod, born of a nymph, Thetis, and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons. Both men fought in the Trojan War and both were considered heroes of said war. I would suggest you read the Odysscomparison Iliad for more points of comparason, both Status: Resolved.

A comparison of heroism between odysseus and achilles
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